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Frequent Questions

1.- What is the purpose of OPEN HÁBITAT?

Create a home environment for adults with different types and levels of intellectual and
psychosocial disabilities.

2.- What are the admission requirements?

o Age between 18 and 50 years old
o Have a recent medical diagnosis
o Motor capacity
o Not to be physically aggressive.
o Frequent general medical examination
o Complete the admission form.
o Initial visit and formal meeting with the Open HÁBITAT Council to determine admission.
Contact – WhatsApp 735 166 2018

3.- Where is OPEN HÁBITAT located?

We are in a magical place surrounded by beautiful mountains and a pleasant climate in
Tepoztlán, Morelos. México

4.-  How are donated funds used?

The donations we receive are used for the well-being of our residents. They get excellent quality
healthy food, medicines, and home and personal supplies for healthy daily living. We hire
professionals to support their care and daily activities.

5.- What are the current needs of OPEN HÁBITAT?

We require continuous donations regardless of the amount. The crucial point is that they need
to be constant. Donations can be monetary or in-kind (groceries).

6.- How is the donation process carried out?

For financial donations, they can be made through PayPal or with a direct deposit to our
checking account:
ACCOUNT: 0283429565
CLABE: 072 5400 0283429565 8 (From any other bank)
SWIFT: MT103 – (From abroad)
Send your proof of deposit to: Please include your tax I.D. We will mail
Donors can ask about available donation methods such as bank transfers, online donations, inkind donations, etc. They can also ask about the donation receipt for tax purposes.

7.- Is OPEN HÁBITAT a registered non-profit organization?

Yes, we are an organization where none of the people who make up the Council receive a salary
for our work. Since its foundation, it has been registered as an AUTHORIZED DONATARIA. A
registration that SAT renews every year.

8.- What is the impact of my donation?

The cost of maintaining our house is high. At OPEN HÁBITAT, one of the key elements of our
program is our social commitment. Some of our residents are people who do not have any type
of support, financial or otherwise; they have been abandoned by their families. However, here,
they are given the same quality of life as every other resident. Thanks to the constant support of
our donors, we are able to sustain this effort.

9.- What is intellectual disability?

Intellectual disability is a condition in which a person has significant intellectual functioning and
adaptive skills limitations. This can affect your ability to learn, reason, communicate, and carry
out daily activities.

10.- What are the causes of intellectual disability?

The causes of intellectual disability can be diverse, such as genetic abnormalities, problems
during pregnancy or childbirth, brain infections, exposure to toxic substances, or brain injuries.
In some cases, the cause may not be identified.

11.-What are the signs and symptoms of intellectual disability?

Signs and symptoms of intellectual disability can vary but generally include developmental
delays, difficulties learning new skills, speech and language problems, difficulties remembering
information, and problem-solving difficulties.

12.- How is intellectual disability diagnosed?

Diagnosis of intellectual disability involves a thorough evaluation that may include intelligence
testing, developmental screening, psychological testing, and clinical observation. A team of
health and education professionals works to determine if the person meets the criteria for

Remember that each person with an intellectual disability is unique and may have different
needs and strengths. It is important to foster inclusion and respect for everyone regardless of
their abilities.