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About Us

We are a women-led civil association that was born from the need to give a better life and care to members of our family with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. These family members, used to share a common space, now disappeared, with others who had no family or who came from different government institutions.

The loss of this residence led us to connect with psychologists, lawyers, and social fighters; individuals who were aware of the rights of people with disabilities.  We looked for experts who were familiar with best practices and who would see them through a window of inclusion and not through that of abandonment, invisibility, and permanent confinement.

As mothers and sisters, and through our personal experience, we know there are members of our society who are unprotected; including people with intellectual disabilities who have been abandoned by their families. The goal of our first Open Hábitat residence was to not only meet the needs of our family members but to share their ongoing struggle with members of our community. 

At Open Hábitat we have created an environment with specific support systems, that have allowed each of our residents to feel valued, loved, cared for and with the prospect of a fulfilling life.

We are convinced that this OPEN HÁBITAT system can and should be a seed, a replicable project in Mexico, and a window through which to live and look at intellectual disability in a more inclusive way.


To encourage the creation of support communities comprised of family members, professionals, and government entities who seek to promote actions that will allow the full development of people with intellectual disabilities in Mexico.


To be an alternate choice of care and support for vulnerable populations on the basis of rights, while eliminating the stigma of people with disabilities.